said: Are you guys accepting more admins? 

no, sorry. we’ve three admins already.

said: I wish Eunji can stop interrupting other members' speech or shouting when others are singing because this is quite rude especially when she already has the most camera time among all Apink members. 

Okay, I was reading the new confessions today, and already I saw like three talking about how Hayoung should loose weight. Yes she may have a bigger waist than other members, and yes she may have a bit more meat on her bones, but just because she looks chubbier than the other members doesn’t mean she should loose weight. I love Hayoung the size she is. She doesn’t look chubby to me in any way, instead she looks to me like a person who eats healthy and takes care of her body like working out. To me she has the healthiest body in Apink and I’m so happy because of that. Sure if she wants to loose weight and go on a diet she can, it’s her choice, but If i could choose for her I would let her be the way she is now. She is perfect just how she is and I wouldn’t want her to change how she looks because of some fans or because she “changes the most around guys”. Please see that her body is perfect and beautiful the way it is.